The Director


Johannes von Hoff was born in Siegen and studied music in Cologne. He went on to study organ with Prof. Michael Schneider and harpsichord with Prof. Hugo Ruf. He participated in numerous organ masterclasses (e.g. with G. Bovet, M.-C. Alain) and choir conducting masterclasses (e.g. with E. Ericsson, F. Bernius and H. Max). He performs regularly as a soloist on the organ and the harpsichord, as well as playing continuo in various ensembles.

Johannes von Hoff has been cantor at St. Ansgar in Oldenburg since 1986. From 2003 to 2013 he was Director of Church Music for the Evangelical Lutheran Church for the region of Oldenburg. As well as the Oldenburg Chamber Choir, he directs the Ansgari-Kantorei and other choirs on a project basis. He also teaches choral conducting at the University of Oldenburg.

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