Organ Wish Concert Part 2

On Sunday, June 28, 2020, 5 p.m., the performance of Duke Ellington’s “Sacred Concerts” with the Oldenburg Chamber Choir, Vivid Voices and the big band “Fette Hupe” from Hanover was scheduled. Due to the Corona crisis, the concert has unfortunately to be postponed to next year (June 19/20, 2021). Instead, there is now a digital organ request concert from St. Ansgar with KMD Johannes von Hoff – Part II! Under the following link: you can watch the concert on youtube – from 5 pm or any time later, then you can also select individual pieces! You can also listen to the last organ request concert on May 10th at any time (including individual works) at the following youtube link:

The Organ Request Concerto Part II again offers a varied program: works by J. S. Bach, his most famous organ work, the Tocata in D minor, this time in an interesting arrangement, which also pays tribute to this year’s birthday boy L. v. Beethoven. You will listen to French, Norwegian and English music – the arc reaches from the 16th to the 21st century, furthermore a march and a short visit in a far away galaxy …..

The concert of the Oldenburger Kammerchor had to be cancelled this Sunday in St. Ansgar and more events have to fall victim to the Corona crisis! This is bad and threatens the existence of the dedicated musicians. You can also help this time with a donation to the “F├Ârderkreiskonto der Kirchenmusik an St. Ansgar”, so that we can at least pay the musicians a cancellation fee. The account number can be found below and in the information about this concert on YouTube or the church music page of St. Ansgar.